Five tips to prepare for phone / video therapy

Preparing for video or phone Therapy

1 – Get the tech set up

Given the current situation, most therapists are now conducting sessions over the phone or through Zoom, a platform which offers secure video-calling. Decide which option feels right for you and ensure that your technology is properly set up so you can fully focus on your session.

2 – Find a private space at home

Privacy and confidentiality are crucial parts of face-to-face counselling and the same applies to phone or video sessions. Try to find a quiet spot at home where you won’t be disturbed – and don’t forget to have a drink and tissues handy!

3 – Remove potential distractions

As well as ensuring that you won’t be interrupted by other people in your home, get rid of other potential distractions such as phones or laptops. Using headphones can boost your concentration, helping you get the most out of your session.

4 – Make yourself comfortable

A 50-minute session is a significant chunk of time so make sure the room you’re in isn’t too hot or too cold and that you’re sitting comfortably – whether it’s in a chair, on a sofa or even in bed!

5 – Tell your therapist if something’s not working

It may take a bit of time to acclimatise to phone or video sessions, especially if you are used to face-to-face therapy. If you’re struggling to see or hear your therapist clearly then don’t be afraid to tell them – usually it’ll just require a little tweak and then you can get back to a rewarding counselling session.

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