Five things it is good to have a break from

Have a break from commuting

1 – Pollution

Notice how much cleaner the air feels? There are fewer cars on the road and fewer planes polluting the skies than there have been for years and nature is healing.

2 – Commuting

Less time in the car, on the train or the bus means more time to sleep or spend with your family.

3 – Being busy/rushing

No more running to catch a bus or walking at a silly pace just because everybody else is. Take it slow and notice how it feels.

4 – The gym

No more sweaty gyms – use that hour outside to explore your nearby spaces and get creative or take advantage of the thousands of online exercise classes available. Always wanted to try Pilates? Now’s the time.

5 – Relationship-lite

When we only have face-to-face contact with a small group of people it’s time to let go of the chit-chat and invest in more meaningful relationships.

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